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West Newton Armory Update 02/04/21

Newton to Acquire Vacant Armory for Potential Affordable Housing Development

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is planning a transfer of the West Newton Armory to the City of Newton for development of affordable housing or municipal use. Currently, the 33,150 SF vacant building sits on a quarter-acre of land owned by the Commonwealth and was formerly used by the Army National Guard. 

The City of Newton has outlined three scenarios for transfer of the property - a transaction of $1 for the city to completely redevelop for 100% affordable housing uses, sale of $1,000,000 for the property (assessed at $4,754,600 in 2021) for municipal use, or transfer the property for $1 for 100% affordable housing use while preserving the historic facade of the building.

Newton has proposed between 31 and 46 affordable units for the site, with more units being available with a complete redevelopment of the Armory.

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