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The Boro - Blocks I-L Update 05/12/22

Plans for Tysons Boro Updated 

The Meridian Group has proposed finalized plans for the five-block expansion of The Boro. Buildings K North and South have been updated to allow up to 430 units, an increase of 160 units from the previous submission that was approved in November.

The updated plans show the two seven-story structures will be connected by a glass bridge over Boro Place. The bridge will be a five stories tall glass structure and a "graphic art feature" which will be elevated 22 feet, and house internal hallways as well as units.

Block I,, a seven-story residential building with up to 130 units, was unchanged. 

Block J, a 16-story Silverstone Senior Living building to include 197 units total called the Trillium, remains largely unchanged, but adds a 4,500 sq. ft. paved plaza called Allsboro South.

The plan include 5,708 square feet of the Tysons Community Circuit — a shared-use trail that will eventually extend throughout Tysons — as well as a 26,848-square-foot Allsboro North park with an open lawn, plaza. green space, gardens, play-place and artwork.

 The updated plans also addressed accessibility concerns, as well as "bird-friendly design features." 

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