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Tangram 3DS Update 11/09/21

Quality & Speed: Our 3D Architectural Rendering Service at Tangram 3DS

We know what it’s like to compete for projects in a highly competitive environment.  Architects need their designs to stand out, and they need to act quickly to stay ahead of the competition. For nearly twenty years, Tangram 3DS has earned its reputation for combining rapid turnaround times with cutting-edge 3D architectural rendering service and a personal touch.


It’s common in the 3D architectural rendering industry for studios to accelerate work by breezing through preparation and alignment, hoping to impress on raw speed. Our clients recognize the intense up-front research we put into every project to understand the vision and rationale behind the work.

These insights lend nuance and aesthetic sensibilities to our work that you won’t find with many other 3D rendering studios.  We work closely with clients every step of the way and assign our artists according to the talents they can lend to your unique goals. At the same time, Tangram 3DS always meets tight deadlines that get you ready in time for the presentation.

hobson landing
Tour of Hobson’s Landing created by Tangram 3DS.


Tangram 3DS sets a high bar for quality in our award-winning, internationally-recognized 3D architectural rendering service. We’ve recently been recognized by the American Society of Architectural Illustrators (ASAI) and invited to feature in “Architecture and Perspective 35” as one of only seventy-three submissions from around the globe. This and other recognitions continue to remind us to keep up the hard work.

Our team boasts a diverse array of professional backgrounds and specialized skill sets—including architectural visualization, 3D modeling, animation, visual effects, and more—which we leverage to match every client’s vision with the right mindset and talent. We’ve completed diverse work from the photorealistic, accurate, sharp style renderings typical of corporate office architecture to rich, warm, aspirational imagery more fitting to the presentation of an exterior retail plaza. Our approach will always cater carefully to your conceptual needs.

tangram 3d tours


The bulk of our 3D architectural rendering work is completed through 3ds Max, a software in which our team has many years of collective expertise.  Our robust collection of plugins (SiNi, Forest Pack, and more) enables us to craft highly-detailed, organic-feeling environments that are densely populated with individual custom 3D elements and furnishings.

However, we’re also skilled in the use of numerous other technologies, including RevIt, Sketchup, and many complimentary 3D rendering tools. Our team has even created a series of exciting cutting-edge solutions available to our clients through Digital Content Creation Experience (DCC-X). This interactive 3D visualization platform enables simple renderings to become fully immersive VR panoramas embedded with all the collected media and marketing collateral related to your project.

crx tour tangram
Tour of Cambridge Crossing (CX) created by Tangram 3DS.

If you’re interested in our 3D architectural rendering service or experiencing a demo of DCC-X, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to working closely with you on a fast, professional solution for your next big project.

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