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J Malden Center Update 03/02/22


Building a brand new indoor climbing facility at the historic Malden Center, Massachusetts.

Malden, MA – Rock Spot Climbing TODAY announced that they will begin construction of a brand new, 5,705 sq. ft. indoor climbing facility AT THE HISTORIC MALDEN CENTER in MASSACHUSETTS. The Malden location will be the company’s third in MASSACHUSETTS, joining three others in RHODE ISLAND, and another location in CONNECTICUT. Rock Spot Climbing, a Rhode Island based company almost 25 years in existence, is among the largest climbing chain’s in the country.

This NEWEST location will focus SOLELY on a form of climbing known as BOULDERING, where climbers, USING NO ROPES scale set climbing problems on fifteen foot walls protected by a fully padded flooring system. This style of climbing was featured in the sport’s debut in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and will be ROCK SPOT’S second gym that focuses on this style of climbing. Their other facilities offer top rope and sport climbing along with boulder climbing.

NADAV MINKIN, CO-OWNER of Rock Spot Climbing said, “We are absolutely thrilled to be the gateway into the city of Malden with this new location across the street from the Malden Center Station. Our brand of accessible climbing attracts people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the sport with friends and family.” He added, “The sport has skyrocketed in interest from the time that our first gym opened almost 25 years ago, and we’re extremely proud that our company has been a leader in the growth and success of the overall climbing industry in the region.”

LARY NORIN, CO-OWNER said, “Our business has grown exponentially with the introduction of the sport into the SUMMER OLYMPICS last year and more people looking for activities and experiences they can share together. We are so proud to have over 150 team members across three states providing a fun, active experience for all who climb at our facilities.”  Norin added,  “We look forward to bringing our successful brand of accessible, world class climbing and training to the city of Malden!”

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