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Ceric Fabricator Update 08/26/20

Senate Completes Structural Repairs for Ceric Fabricators

Over 20 years ago, Senate Construction completed work on Ceric Fabricators’ 25,000 square foot warehouse in Ayer, MA. Senate provided consultation on the project from the very early stages, producing a feasibility study prior to land acquisition and then acting as the design/builder through completion.

Fast forward to 2020, when an errant delivery truck drove into Ceric’s plant entrance rather than line up with the loading dock. As their go-to company as it relates to their construction and repair needs, Ceric immediately called Senate to inspect and repair the damage. Senate worked with Ceric’s insurance adjuster to finalize the necessary repairs, a new passage door, and masonry wall repairs, and the associated costs. Work was completed in just 2 days without interfering with Ceric’s operation. While not a big job, it is a prime example of the level of customer service Senate Construction provides that creates lasting relationships with clients.


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