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Senate Construction Update 10/27/20

Worcester Food Bank Converts Original Building's Flat Rubber Roof to a Sloped Butler MR-24 Metal Standing Seam Roof

Senate Construction recently completed a much-needed roofing retrofit from a flat rubber roof to a Sloped Butler Building Standing Seam Metal  Roof. The original building of the Food Bank (20k SF) built in the 1950s has required roof replacements or roofovers every 10-15 years. Prior to the initiation of the project, the current flat rubber roof was leaking and the wood decking below had both rot and insect degradation due to the moisture that was penetrating through the roof. The existing, multilayer, EPDM system suffered from a series of leaks hampering the daily operation of this crucial local non-profit. A structural analysis was performed and the solution designed with G.R.L.A. Architects was to install a new slope build-up Butler Mr-24 Metal Roof with purlins attached above the roof deck to provide a much-needed slope so water could drain off.   The Butler Mr-24 Standing Seam Metal Roof has a lifespan of over 50 years.  This provided a solution to the Food Bank’s need to have a weathertight workspace while minimizing maintenance. The 18,000 SF addition to the Food Bank constructed in the 1980s is a Butler Building design with the same Mr-24 Metal Standing Seam Roof. Minimal Maintenance was performed on the addition’s roof during this project.  This roof has been in service for 40 years and with the maintenance performed its life will be extended another 20 years.   This roof can be installed on most conventional as well pre-engineered metal buildings providing a long-term solution with minimal maintenance.  To learn more, please contact Senate Construction for an evaluation of your current roof.

worcester foodbank before senate construction

worcester foodbank after senate construction


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