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Faneuil Hall Marketplace Pavilion Update 06/27/17

Sephora opens in Boston’s Faneuil Hall Marketplace Pavilion, Helical Drilling provides helical pile geotechnical design/build solution

The replacement of an aging 1970s retail structure at Faneuil Hall Marketplace downtown with a gleaming new pavilion featuring a sweeping glass curtain wall is now complete, with a new Sephora high-end cosmetics store now open. The project presented a unique construction challenge given its’ small footprint and location in a popular historic neighborhood constantly bustling with tourists and office workers. Furthermore, the site is located in an area of Boston created with urban fill, which can be unstable if not properly reinforced. The associated transportation needs to replace existing urban fill would have been unsuitable for Faneuil Hall Marketplace’s tight, busy urban location. Accordingly, it was deemed necessary to install piles on the site in order to strengthen the soil.

Traditional pile driving, which is very loud and requires large equipment to perform, not to mention very long individual piles, would not have been ideal for Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Accordingly, geotechnical design/build specialist Helical Drilling was brought in to install helical piles, smaller, more space-efficient foundation elements that can be very cost-effective in a tight urban environment such as Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Helical Drilling performed the helical pile installation in just eight days, allowing the project to proceed quickly, on budget and on schedule. The result is a new modern landmark for Quincy Market that will serve the district for years to come. The following is a photograph of the new Faneuil Hall Marketplace Pavilion, courtesy Helical Drilling:

Sephora Now Open at Faneuil Hall Marketplace Pavilion

The following are photographs of helical pile installation underway at Faneuil Hall Marketplace Pavilion, courtesy Helical Drilling:

Helical Pile Installation - Faneuil Hall

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