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McMillan Reservoir Redevelopment Update 10/03/22

Site Work to Begin at McMillan Sand Filtration Site

Mayor Muriel Bowser announced the final sale of the 25-acre McMillan sand filtration lot. Vision McMillan Partners, a joint venture between EYA, Trammell Crow, and Jair Lynch purchased the land at North Capitol Street and Michigan Avenue NW for $17.3 million. The project aims to add over 600 new homes, as well as retail spaces, restaurants, and a full-service grocery store. 

Separate from the privately developed project, the city is building an eight-acre park, community center, and pool on the site.

The McMillan Site traces its history to the 92-acre McMillan Reservoir and Filtration Plant, the city’s first industrial-scale water filtration system. 

In 2007 the city launched a competitive bidding process to select a developer that would create a master plan for the site. The city landed on Vision McMillan Partners to determine the best plan for the site.

VMP’s original development plans, presented in 2014, called for a mixed-use space with housing, retail, and dining — but the project was held in litigation for years, with many neighborhood activists disapproving of the plans.

In the summer of 2021, legislation was passed calling for the project to “proceed expeditiously and without further delay through all phases of demolition and construction of the foundation of the community center.”

Now, after all the controversy, VMP has been cleared to begin initial site work toward building out the infrastructure for construction. Construction on the park, community center, and public pool work has already begun, and the $100 million effort, slated for completion in 2024. 

Once the privately developed portion of the McMillan site is complete, there will be 467 rental apartments and 146 for-sale townhomes. Twenty-two townhomes will be affordable at 50% to 80% median family income, and 112 of the apartment rentals will be affordable. One building will be dedicated as an all-senior affordable housing building at 60% median family income. The project includes a grocery store, retail space, and one-million-square-foot office space that will be used for healthcare facilities.

“A lot of the argument previously was that we had to save McMillan Park, but really what we’ve done by this financial close is make sure that we can move forward with a $100 million investment in a public park and community space,” says Falcicchio. “It’s a long time coming, but it’ll definitely — when it delivers — be worth the wait.”

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