SOBO Place Update


“SOBO Place” developer proposes larger building following upzoning of South Boston’s Dorchester Avenue corridor

Following the City of Boston’s recent upzoning of South Boston’s Dorchester Avenue corridor, Boston Real Estate Capital (BREC) proposes to increase the size of its’ approved “SOBO Place” apartment development at 55 West Fifth Street. BREC now proposes to construct 50 apartments in a building six stories and 59.5 feet high, as opposed to the project program approved in Summer 2016 prior to the upzoning featuring 32 apartments in a building five stories and 50 feet high; the approved building program was not built.

The new proposal would represent a 56% increase in apartments, in a building 32% larger than previously approved (45,757 square feet as opposed to 34,696). BREC’s proposal follows the approval of Evergreen Property Group’s nearby eight-story boutique hotel at 248 Dorchester Avenue, replacing a previously approved six-story residential building. BREC has filed a Notice of Project Change (NPC) formally proposing the larger project with the City of Boston, who is now reviewing the proposal.

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