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Atria Litchfield Hills Update 07/23/18

South Coast Improvement, Co. completes $2.1M project at Atria Litchfield Hills

South Coast Improvement Company (SCI) has finished the final phase of renovations at the Atria Litchfield Hills senior living facility located at 376 Goshen Road in Torrington, Connecticut. The Marion, Mass.-based company began construction in May 2017, finishing in February 2018.

The $2.125 million renovation took place on the patio and second-floor levels of the facility. The patio level renovation featured the conversion of a large multi-purpose space and some auxiliary offices on the patio level into six new resident bedrooms, each with private bathrooms. It also included a redesign of the multi-purpose room to accommodate a new smaller common space used by the community for events and activities.

The second level renovation featured demolition of five unit apartments, which were converted into one large communal dining room, activity offices and a commercial serving kitchen.

Timing was perhaps the biggest obstacle South Coast Improvement faced in bringing this project to a close earlier this year. Replacement of the HVAC units and adding new electrical panels and new plumbing required whole building shutdowns that had to be carefully coordinated with the community and staff in advance to ensure minimal disruption and no loss of heat to the residents since this work took place during the winter. With minimal disruption to routine and nobody was literally left out in the cold.

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