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St. Elizabeth's Medical Center Parking Garage Update 02/22/22

Supplemental Plans Filed for EMS Facility at St. Elizabeth's; Updates Made to Planned Garage

St. Elizabeth's Medical Center has released supplemental plans for a 2,300 SF, 2-bay EMS facility in addition to a planned 600+ spot parking garage. Additionally, designs were changed for the garage after St. Elizabeth's received public feedback. 

First announced in 2019, St. Elizabeth's Medical Center has proposed the construction of a six-story, approximately 215,400 square-foot garage at 253 Washington Street. The parking garage would hold up to 610 vehicles. All existing surface parking within the Campus will be eliminated with the exception of the parking for emergency and service vehicles. As part of the project, new amenities will include sidewalk paving, street trees, seating areas, and tree groves.

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