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EchelonSeaport Update 06/06/19

The Last Tower Crane Has Come Down At EchelonSeaport

Over the course of the last 12 months, EchelonSeaport development has operated with as many as four tower cranes on site. Last week, the final crane was removed as shown on the image below. This important milestone signals completion of the "structural" phase of the Project including the curtainwall façade on all 3 towers. We have now fully progressed onto the "finishes" stage of construction.


Construction Updates:

133 Seaport (Tower 1)

  • Plumbing & Electrical Work: In progress and completed through floor 20

  • Kitchen and Vanity Cabinets: Installation has started

  • Wood Flooring & Bathroom Tiles: Completed through floor 9

  • Interior & Exterior Amenities: Continues to progress with the lobby fireplace frame now installed, and the waterfall pool framing completed

135 Seaport (Tower 2)

  • Wall Framing: Completed through floor 17

  • Interior Paint: Started on the lower floors

  • Bathroom Tile Installation: Started last week


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