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Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine Update 10/04/19

Work Continues on BU Dental Expansion & Renovation

Construction of the addition along with renovations to existing space continues at the Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine. In the existing section of the building, new windows are being installed along with updated ceiling grids to enable new lights and HVAC equipment.  Elsewhere in the 7-story, 41,900 square foot addition installation of new mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems is also ongoing. The project will also include numerous energy efficiency measures being completed in partnership with Eversource. Eversource provided energy modeling services to drive deeper energy savings from measures such as enhanced fan speed control, variable condenser water control and preheating supply air from the water-side economizer. Eversource will provide incentives for these measures through the Mass Save C&S New Construction program when the measures are installed and verified as being operational.

When complete in Spring 2021 the expanded dental school will include new clinical space to make treatment environments more comfortable along with 40% more instructional space. This new space will allow for a better experience for patients, students, and faculty and staff and complements the school’s innovative curriculum.

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