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About 11 Taft Hill Terrace

Roslindale, Boston, MA

The approved project will house 16 condominiums. The existing structure will be demolished and a single 4 story structure will be erected in its place.

Level one will contain a single one-bedroom ADA unit along with the entry lobby and 14 on-grade parking spaces contained within the building footprint. The three levels above will be a mix of 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom units. 16 bike parking spaces will also be included on site.

Construction Cost $4,499,999.00
Square Feet 20,265


Stories 4
Height (feet) 43
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11 taft hill

Sep 13, 2019

11 Taft Hill Terrace in Roslindale Approved


11 taft hill terrace

Jun 16, 2019

16 Unit Condo Project Under Review in Roslindale


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