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125 Lincoln Street Overview

BLDUP Value Estimate : $23,995,950.00
Address : 88 Beach Street
City : Boston
State : MA
Zip : 02111
Sectors : Parking, Retail, Office, and Lab
Construction Status : ****************

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Developers: ******************
Owner: *****
Architects: *********

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Engineers: ********
Landscape Architects: *******************
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Basic Details

Stories : **

PRO Data

Acquisition Purchase Price : **************
Under Review On : ********
Approved On : ********
FAR : *****
Price/SQFT of Acquisition Building : ******
Price/SQFT of Acquisition Land : *******
Sqft of Land : ******
Sqft of Retail : ******
Sqft of Office : *******
Sqft of Lab : *******
Previous Purchase Price : **************
Commerical Parking Spaces : ***

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Nov 18, 2022

11-Story Lab Approved for Development in Leather District


Apr 29, 2021

New Designs Released for 125 Lincoln Street Tower


Dec 16, 2020

Changes Made to Proposed Chinatown Tower


Jun 10, 2019

625,000 Square Foot Office Tower at 125 Lincoln Street Officially Under Review


Project Images

Recent Comments

Neither this site nor Crane Watch Boston is making ANY SENSE as to what is actually being proposed on this site; Crane Watch says a 13 story building yet the renderings are indicating a 15 story building plus HVAC/ROOFTOP Penthouse structure - which is it? On another matter, the BOSTON-is-a-MUSEUM residents of the Leather District will still have their collective panties in a bunch even if the 13 Story Lab/Office structure gets the go as in my reckoning (and my ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE on these matters) LAB buildings would require somewhere around 13 FT (min.) to perhaps 15 FT in height per floor putting such a structure in the 169 FT to 195 FT PLUS Mechanical Penthouse height range. The Leather District NIMBY Zealots will still SKWAWK like a gaggle of enraged crows over this far more reduced in scope proposal as they believe NO BUILDING OVER 100 FT in Height should be built on this site. I am an ANTI-NIMBY ZEALOT for the record if and when I believe these anti-development miscreants are going way too far out of line to block developments. In this case, yes, they are once again out of line should they nay-say a 13 Story Lab/Office Building. Boston, as in most cities, require renewal and new developments in order to maintain a thriving economic environment; the rank and file NIMBY in its quest to thwart such URBAN development should reconsider life and residency in ANY DOWNTOWN ENVIRONMENT!!

Damn the NUTSO NIMBYS and full steam ahead - Build this structure before Michelle Wu becomes Mayor of Boston should Walsh take a Biden Cabinet Position. OMG, WU WILL DESTROY THE ECONOMY of Boston if she succeeds in destroying the BPDA and thereby ensuring a scenario in which the anti-development ZEALOT NIMBY gains a FAR STRONGER VOICE and Ability to NAY SAY any and all construction developments. The Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries will suffer GREATLY with Michelle Wu as Mayor of Boston. I invite rebuttals and replies to my statement here. Michelle Wu is a HYPER FAR LEFTIST who is as well strongly anti-business and anti-capitalist.

Please NOTE: I am a centrist Democrat who voted for Biden - I am not a MAGA Fascist but on the other hand, I strongly believe that Michelle Wu is a Bernie Sanders clone who believes that developers will buy into her Socialist-near Communistic mind-set and build 5 to maybe 10 story at best tall structures to placate the NIMBY, ANTI-SHADITE minority, but at the same time expect the developers to provide a goodly amount of AFFORDABLE HOUSING UNITS, and I am VERY, VERY much in support of building a greater amount of such units. Sorry if my writing here is bit askew, but again, hopefully SOMEONE out there will read my comment and be in support of it!

Enough is enough with the anti-height, anti-development, "Boston is a large town, NOT a CITY" mind set. FTR, I am currently taking an on-line site development course as hosted by SASAKI of Watertown and learning about urban design developments under way throughout North American Cities; ALL other cities are receptive to the idea that high rise development/building densities can serve to increase open/green spaces!!! It is absolutely absurd, AND ANTI SUSTAINABLE with regards to the OLD FART BOSTON disdain for any building over 6 stories in height. ONLY IN THIS gathering dust MUSEUM CITY of BOSTON (or is it town of Boston?) does this anti-density mind set prevail!!!
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