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About 142-144 Old Colony Avenue

South BostonBoston, MA, 02127

The approved project consists of a new six-story 19-unit mixed-use building to be situated at 142-144 Old Colony Avenue in South Boston. The lot size is 3,390 square feet, comprised of one parcel of land, and fronts along Old Colony Avenue and W 9th Street. The site is currently occupied by a two-story commercial building.

The ground level will contain 1,116 square feet of commercial retail space, two stairwells, a residential foyer, a room for bicycles and storage, a spot for trash bin storage and an elevator. The second through sixth floors would contain the building’s 19 residential apartments. The second floor will also contain a 1,061 square foot common meeting and library hall with an adjoining toilet and two small decks. The roof would have a common roof deck accessed by an elevator and two stairwells with headhouses. The building will also contain a pit level and at grade garage with spaces for 10 vehicles, with entrance/egress on W 9th Street.

At least one space will be occupied by a vehicle owned by the building and will solely for the benefit of the residents of the building as a rideshare option. The basement level will also contain an elevator pit.

Construction Cost $5,693,000.00
Square Feet 17,441



Stories 6
Height (feet) 60
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Nov 07, 2019

Demo Permit App Filed for 142-144 Old Colony Ave. in Southie


Jul 12, 2019

BPDA Approves 142-144 Old Colony Project in South Boston


Mar 13, 2019

A new six-story 19-unit mixed-use building to be situated at 142-144 Old Colony Avenue has...


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