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1440 Commonwealth Avenue Overview

Address : 1440 Commonwealth Avenue
City : Boston
State : MA
Zip : 02135
Sectors : Housing, Retail, and Affordable Housing
Construction Status : *********************
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Organizations Working On 1440 Commonwealth Avenue

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Architects: *********
Developers: ******************

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Engineers: ********
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Basic Details

Stories : *
Construction Cost : **************
Completion Date : ********
SQFT : ******

PRO Data

Sqft of Building : ******
Property Developer Name : *******************************
Architect Name : *****************
Architect Email : ******************
Architect Phone : ************
LLC Owner : **************
Height : **
Start Date : ********
Proposed Units : **
FAR : ****
Sqft of Land : *****
# of Parking Spaces : **
# of One Beds : **
# of Two Beds : **
# of Three Beds : *
% of Proposed Affordable Units : ***
Apts Units Available : ***

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Feb 02, 2017

37 new apartments proposed across from Green Line in Brighton


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Recent Comments

Felix Kizhner
In today's regulatory environment many builders have a hard time getting financing for great projects like this one. As a result, many American family's who would like to have a part of American dream are priced out of the market due to limited inventory. Any developer who brings a versatile project like this to the neighborhood, should have full civic support. Jobs, affordable housing, additional taxes, sounds like a win win situation for everyone.

Marina Vinnik
This would be a great addition to the neighborhood! Beautiful Building!

Jon Button
Why stop at 7 floors?? Make it bigger! This kind of building is exactly what our community needs more of! I am excited to see this project come to fruition!

Faina Teperman
Great looking building, great location, Great housing opportunity!

Edward Kogan
This would be tremendous upgrade to what's there now and 5 units dedicated to affordable housing, sounds like a win win situation!

This would be great addition . The building looks great we can use more beautiful projects as this one .

Sean McConarty
What a great addition to the neighborhood. For such a beautiful design to be right there on Comm ave, would really spruce up the area. The neighborhood could use the commercial space too!!

Ben Gelman
This woule be an outstanding addition to the neighbourhood! A great location, and the building will serve as a big upgrade to it due to its wonderful architecture and quality!

Alex Bykhovski
What a great addition! Any neighborhood would desire such project! Rentals, retail, additional parking... Plus don't forget NEW HIGH Quality construction! What else to desire?!!!! Great project, definitely requires attention!

Alex Yunis
Would be a nice addition to the neighborhood. I like the idea of garage parking and commercial spaces.

Beautiful building! Our city can use more housing opportunities for all.

Josh Blank
This looks to be a great building and will add much needed updated units to this section of Commonwealth Ave.
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