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About 200 State Street

Financial DistrictBoston, MA

The property features a 304,178 square foot Class A office building that was constructed in 1985. The 16 story structure sits on a 2-acre parcel and is located a short distance from rapid transit, parking and harbor shuttle to Logan Airport.

The building is adjacent to hotels, restaurants, and shops affording a convenient and comfortable environment during the evening as well as the daytime. 

The property features communications services, 24-hour access, security, and energy control systems. Column-free floors which offer 90% useable office space and can accommodate at least eight corner offices per floor.


Construction Cost $222,000,000.00
Acquisition Cost $222,000,000.00
Square Feet 304,178


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Latest Updates

Mar 12, 2020

$2M Permit Pulled for Lobby Renovation at 200 State St


Feb 23, 2020

$1.99M Permit Pulled for Renovations to 14th Floor of 200 State St


Nov 07, 2018

Carr Properties has acquired the building at 200 State Street in Boston, MA for $222...


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Issue Date Doc Type Docnumber Description Consideration Grantor Grantee Follow
01/28/20 Permit SF1046965 Search $110,669.00 ITK ITK
01/23/20 Permit EFA1043753 Search $12,500.00 ITK ITK
01/23/20 Permit E1043750 Search $112,500.00 ITK ITK
01/22/20 Permit PL1041999 Search $15,000.00 ITK ITK
01/16/20 Permit E1042441 Search $6,200.00 ITK ITK
01/16/20 Permit ELV1042598 Search $15,000.00 ITK ITK
12/31/19 Permit ALT1024824 Search $403,444.00 ITK ITK
11/15/19 Permit ETS1023460 Search $1,500.00 ITK ITK
11/01/19 Permit SF1019291 Search $94,500.00 ITK ITK
10/24/19 Permit ALT1009273 Search $18,000.00 ITK ITK
09/10/19 Permit SF991914 Search $9,500.00 ITK ITK
09/05/19 Permit ALT994476 Search $393,444.00 ITK ITK
06/27/19 Permit SF969545 Search $18,900.00 ITK ITK
04/30/19 Permit E947013 Search $1,000.00 ITK ITK
04/04/19 Permit ALT928960 Search $14,050.00 ITK ITK
03/20/19 Permit ELV933052 Search $4,000.00 ITK
02/28/19 Permit E926594 Search $134,000.00 ITK ITK
01/24/19 Permit E917214 Search $1,500.00 ITK ITK
01/16/19 Permit COO912942 Search $50,000.00 ITK ITK
01/09/19 Permit E908593 Search $40,215.00 ITK ITK
01/02/19 Permit ELV910214 Search $14,000.00 ITK ITK
03/13/20 Permit E1061132 Search $600.00 ITK ITK
03/11/20 Permit ALT1055523 Search $1,991,756.00 ITK ITK
02/21/20 Permit ALT1053474 Search $1,999,111.00 ITK ITK
05/04/20 Permit E1070613 Search $400,000.00 ITK ITK
05/04/20 Permit EFA1070617 Search $40,000.00 ITK ITK

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