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2085 Washington Overview

Address : 2085 Washington Street
City : Boston
State : MA
Zip : 02131
Sectors : Housing and Affordable Housing
Construction Status : ****************
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Organizations Working On 2085 Washington

PRO Organizations

Developers: ******************
Architects: *********
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Basic Details

Stories : **

PRO Data

Sqft of Building : *******
Property Developer Name : *****************
Property Developer Email : ***************************
Property Developer Phone : ************
Architect Name : **************
Architect Email : ********************
Architect Phone : **********
LLC Owner Phone : *************
LLC Owner Email : **********************
Height : ***
Approved On : ********
Proposed Units : **
FAR : ****
Sqft of Land : *******
Sqft of Residential : *******
# of Parking Spaces : **
# of One Beds : **
# of Two Beds : **
# of Three Beds : **
Condos Avaiable : ***
Proposed Affordable Units : **
Apts Units Available : ***
Residential Lounge : ***
CoWorking Space : ***

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May 12, 2022

12-Story Multifamily Approved for Development in Roxbury


Oct 05, 2020

Updated Plans Presented for 3rd Phase of Parcel 10 Redevelopment


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Recent Comments

Cannot say for certain, but I can assume a VERY GOOD LIKELIHOOD of massive Whining Nimby Cry Baby (WNCB) chants of TOO TALL, TOO OUT OF SCALE, TOO MUCH SHADOW, NOT FITTING IN WITH THE NEIGHBORHOOD, TO MUCH TRAFFIC, TO MUCH OF WHAT WE WANT - we want a 10' tall garden shed.....NOTHING MORE!!!! Signed the WE HAVES, YOU CANNOT HAVES of West Roxbury/Roslindale....Michelle Wu, these are your NIMBY WHINERS...speak to them COMMIE B.....

Totally disregard EVERYTHING stated above. BLDUP - give the poster the power to delete a given post. No more from me ever!
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