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About 268 Friend Street

Bulfinch Triangle, Boston, MA

Built in 1899, the 16,874 square-foot, 5-story blonde brick building is situated in the epicenter of the major Bulfinch Triangle redevelopment. 8 million plus square-feet of approved, under construction and recently completed major development projects are located within a quarter mile radius of the building.

The property has been home to Hilton's Tent City since the 1960's but is now vacant with no occupying tenant.

Construction Cost $10,875,000.00
Square Feet 16,874




Stories 5
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Latest Updates

Jan 26, 2020

$3M Permit Pulled for Ascend Wellness’ Boston Dispensary


Jun 05, 2018

Friend Street Property Acquired For $7.25 Million


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10/21/19 Permit EXCA1014935 Search $0.00 ITK
10/08/19 Permit ALT839647 Search $300,000.00 ITK ITK
09/18/19 Permit ELV1001108 Search $5,000.00 ITK ITK
08/08/19 Permit G985979 Search $100,000.00 ITK ITK
08/07/19 Permit PL986001 Search $150,000.00 ITK ITK
07/23/19 Permit EFA978530 Search $16,000.00 ITK ITK
07/23/19 Permit E977935 Search $192,000.00 ITK ITK
07/22/19 Permit E977943 Search $600.00 ITK ITK
05/17/19 Permit SF948482 Search $4,070.00 ITK ITK
05/09/19 Permit SF949036 Search $350,000.00 ITK ITK
01/23/20 Permit A1027418 Search $3,192,259.00 ITK ITK
06/06/19 Mortgage 44146 $12,500,000.00 ITK ITK

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