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Get In Contact with 3636 North Lake Shore Drive

3636 North Lake Shore Drive Overview

Address : 3636 North Lake Shore Drive
City : Chicago
State : IL
Zip : 60613
Sectors : Housing
Construction Status : ***********************
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Organizations Working On 3636 North Lake Shore Drive

PRO Organizations

Developers: ******************
Architects: *********
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Basic Details

Stories : **

PRO Data

Sqft of Building : *******
Property Developer Name : **************
Property Developer Email : **********************
Property Developer Phone : ************
Architect Name : *********
Architect Email : *********************
Architect Phone : ************
Height : ***
Under Review On : ********
Proposed Units : ***
# of Parking Spaces : ***
Apts Units Available : ***
Residential Lounge : ***

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Jul 20, 2021

City Club Apartments is approved to build a 19-story mixed-use tower off Lake Shore Drive.


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