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About 449 Cambridge Street

Allston, Boston, MA

Anchor Line Partners proposes the construction of two, independent, multi-family residential buildings, one at each parcel. The Cambridge Street building would have seven floors and a gross floor area (GFA) of approximately 131,000 square feet, with approximately 127 dwelling units, approximately 2,400 square feet of retail/restaurant/ services space, and approximately 80 accessory parking spaces.

The Emery Road building would also have seven floors, a GFA of approximately 33,000 square feet approximately 39 dwelling units, and no on-site parking. The Proposed Project would be subject to the Mayor’s Executive Order regarding inclusionary affordable housing, dated February 29, 2000, as amended, as well as the Boston Planning & Development Agency’s (BPDA’s) Inclusionary Development Policy (IDP). The Proponent plans to set aside thirteen percent (13%) of the approximately 166 dwelling units proposed at the Site as IDP units, for a total of twenty-two (21.58) on-site, affordable housing units.

Acquisition Cost $10,000,000.00
Square Feet 129,600




Stories 6
Height (feet) 68
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Latest Updates

Mar 04, 2020

Demo Permit Application Filed for 449 Cambridge St in Allston


Nov 06, 2019

Allston Development Site Acquired for $10 Million


Oct 21, 2019

449 Cambridge St. in Allston Under Review


Aug 11, 2019

LOI Filed for 166 Unit Project at 449 Cambridge St. in Allston


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