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About 500 Rutherford Ave.

CharlestownBoston, MA

500 Rutherford Avenue is a beautifully renovated and landscaped three-story building with the finest amenities in the park including:

  • Build-to-suit opportunity
  • 120,000 SF new construction
  • Efficient floor plans
  • Private tenant lounge
  • High visibility signage potential
  • Così café
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Fitness center
  • Shuttle to MBTA

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Latest Updates

Jun 05, 2020

$3.4M Permit Pulled for Renovations to Charlestown Office Building


Feb 16, 2020

$2.9M Permit Pulled for Exterior Renovations at 500 Rutherford Ave


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Issue Date Doc Type Docnumber Description Consideration Grantor Grantee Follow
09/23/19 Permit SF1003012 Search $50,000.00 ITK ITK ITK
02/13/20 Permit SF1049984 Search $2,905,000.00 ITK ITK
09/27/19 Permit G1004125 Search $1,500.00 ITK ITK
09/03/19 Permit ALT896700 Search $5,000.00 ITK ITK
08/29/19 Permit COO994962 Search $1,400,000.00 ITK ITK
08/26/19 Permit ELV993927 Search $2,000.00 ITK ITK
08/23/19 Permit ELV991648 Search $2,500.00 ITK ITK
08/15/19 Permit ELV967194 Search $24,840.00 ITK ITK
07/03/19 Permit PL971846 Search $9,000.00 ITK ITK
06/28/19 Permit EFA970131 Search $11,000.00 ITK ITK
06/28/19 Permit E970128 Search $450,000.00 ITK ITK
05/16/19 Permit ALT948647 Search $1,400,000.00 ITK ITK
03/13/19 Permit ALT921150 Search $195,000.00 ITK ITK
03/06/19 Permit PL928790 Search $3,800.00 ITK ITK
02/28/19 Permit ELV925305 Search $150,000.00 ITK ITK
02/25/19 Permit E924343 Search $40,000.00 ITK ITK
02/25/19 Permit EFA924355 Search $2,500.00 ITK ITK
02/11/19 Permit SF921155 Search $1.00 ITK ITK

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