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600 Massachusetts Avenue Addition Overview

Address : 600 Massachusetts Avenue
City : Cambridge
State : MA
Zip : 02139
Sectors : Housing, Retail, and Restaurant
Construction Status : ****************
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Organizations Working On 600 Massachusetts Avenue Addition

PRO Organizations

Architects: *********
General Contractors: ******************
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Basic Details

Stories : *

PRO Data

Sqft of Building : ******
Architect Name : **********************
Architect Email : *****************
Architect Phone : **********
General Contractor Name : ***********************
General Contractor Email : **************
General Contractor Phone : **********
LLC Owner Phone : ************
Height : **
Under Review On : ********
Approved On : ********
Proposed Units : **
Sqft of Retail : ******
Sqft of Residential : ******
Apts Units Available : ***

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Jun 06, 2022

Phase 1 of Renovations Complete at 600 Mass Ave in Cambridge


Nov 12, 2020

5-Story Addition Proposed for Central Square, 46 Units to be Created


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Recent Comments

What is the Holdup on the Design Review for a minuscule development ?....oops, forgot; those five-story buildings are way too tall and shadows will loom menacingly across Mass Ave in the minds of anti-development NIMBY KOOKS......sarcasm strongly intended!!!
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