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About 70 Prospect Street Residences

70 Prospect Street, Union Square, Somerville, MA


New five-story building containing 14 residential units and two retail spaces. A ground-level parking garage will contain 14 resident parking spaces.

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Issue Date Doc Type Docnumber Description Consideration Grantor Grantee Follow
11/29/17 Permit E17002293 Search $75.00 ITK ITK
11/14/17 Permit P17000937 Search $230.00 ITK ITK
08/12/19 Permit ES19000398 Search $0.00 ITK
03/17/20 Mortgage 39390 Search $500,000.00 ITK ITK
03/17/20 Mortgage 39433 Search $557,100.00 ITK ITK
05/05/20 Mortgage 67116 Search $668,000.00 ITK ITK
03/17/20 Deed 39389 Search $100.00 ITK ITK
05/05/20 Deed 67115 Search $835,000.00 ITK ITK

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