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About Crossroads at Kenmore

560 Commonwealth Avenue, Kenmore Square, Fenway, Boston, MA

This redevelopment project is a collaboration of Mark Kenmore, LLC and Buckminster Annex Corporation proposing two new, distinct hotels on adjacent redevelopment sites in Kenmore Square. 

Two proposed hotel towers in the heart of Kenmore Square featuring 763 hotel rooms and 375,000 square feet of space.

On property owned by Mark Development at 560-574 Commonwealth Avenue, at the intersection of Beacon Street and Commonwealth Avenue, a 28-story, 300-foot-tall, 221,000-square-foot tower would be built featuring 389 rooms. The Mark Development tower would also include ground-floor retail and a roof deck restaurant. Across Beacon Street, on property owned by Buckminister Annex Corporation at 655-665 Beacon Street adjacent to the existing Hotel Buckminster, a 19-story, 210-foot-tall, 211,000-square-foot tower would be built featuring 390 hotel rooms.

Both buildings would feature active ground floors; parking garages would be built underneath both buildings. Existing improvements, including a single-story Citizens Bank building on the Mark site and a single-story parking garage and four-story office building on the Buckminster site, would be demolished. The proposed towers would be located steps to multiple rapid transit lines, Boston University, and Fenway Park. As part of the project, the developers would make pedestrian-friendly streetscape improvements.

Dollar Volume $200,000,000.00
Square Feet 375,000



Stories 28
Height (feet) 300

Latest Updates

Kenmore hotel

Feb 01, 2019

New Plans Call for 300' Hotel in Kenmore Square



560 commonwealth avenue citizens bank allston fenway development kenmore square boston university

Jun 02, 2017

Two hotel towers proposed in Kenmore Square


560 commonwealth avenue citizens bank allston fenway development kenmore square boston university

Nov 14, 2016

Glass hotel tower with roof deck restaurant proposed for Kenmore Square


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Philip Harris
Gee City Real Estate Guru, "TRASH"? Really? You should call yourself "NIMBY-BOY" instead. You no doubt live in the UGLY as sin mid-rise Brutalist monstrosity constructed in or around 1970 which is directly adjacent to this "TRASHY" (?) high rise which will block your view of the City and all of the other High Rises in the Boston CBD. WAH WAH WAH, WHINE AND CRY NIMBY-BOY (or is it Girl ??) How the F do you come up with your assertion that the developer has given up already on this proposal when it was only RECENTLY announced as of early 2019? YOU GOD DAMNED F-ing Nimbys want to block EVERY proposal of any structure over 5 stories in height - too bad about your view being blocked - your UGLY AS SIN mid rise building blocked the views of others when your filthy trashy Brutalist hunk of dog shit was built. By the way, the City of Boston IS now a Tourist MECCA, GURU, and the City requires more and more hotel structures to satisfy the need of serving more and more international and as well USA tourists visiting the City of Boston. And sorry HEIGHT WHINING GURU, these structures CANNOT be limited to 5 stories in height due to development land costs. If you don't want to live in an urban environment where it is NECESSARY to BUILD VERTICALLY, then stop your nimby boy/girl whining and move to BOLTON, MA where the tallest structure you will see is a HAY SILO. Enough said GURU NIMBY BOY

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The City Real Estate Guru
This project is trash and will get rejected, ugly and serves no purpose other than lining the pockets of the developers. Wouldn't be surprised if they have already given up on it.
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