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About Dudley Crossing

387-397 Dudley Street, RoxburyBoston, MA

The Dudley Crossing Project was originally approved in August 2013. Plans at that time called for 42 units and 3,296 square feet of ground-floor commercial space and 10 parking spaces. 

In October 2019 a NPC was filed by the development team which was approved in January 2020. New plans call for 47 housing units in 60,063 square feet, all of which will be income-restricted. As approved previously, the building at 387-397 Dudley will be demolished and reconstructed. The new building will contain 24 units. The other two buildings located at 375-385 Dudley and 204-210 Hampden Street, 2-4 Dunmore Street, are in a much better condition and are appropriate candidates for renovation.


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Latest Updates

Jan 17, 2020

Project Change Approved for Dudley Crossing


Oct 16, 2019

NPC Filed for Dudley Crossing


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