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Get In Contact with Glenwood Hill Manor

Glenwood Hill Manor Overview

Address : 297 Glenwood Avenue
City : Yonkers
State : NY
Zip : 10703
Sectors : Affordable Housing
Construction Status : *********************
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Organizations Working On Glenwood Hill Manor

PRO Organizations

Developers: ******************
Architects: *********
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Aaron Bergman
Empire Capital Holdings
Title: Chief Operating Officer
Email: abergman@empirecapitalre.com
Office: New York, NY
Kenneth Morrison
Lemor Development Group
Title: Managing Members, Principal
Email: Ken@lemordev.com
Office: New York, NY
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Basic Details

Stories : **

PRO Data

Property Developer Name : ***********************
Property Developer Email : *********************
Property Developer Phone : ************
Architect Name : *************
Architect Email : ***********************
Architect Phone : ************
Height : ***
Proposed Units : ***
Sqft of Land : ******
# of Parking Spaces : ***
# of One Beds : **
# of Two Beds : **
# of Three Beds : **
Proposed Affordable Units : ***
Apts Units Available : ***
Fitness Center : ***
Residential Lounge : ***

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Jun 27, 2022

14-Story Affordable Housing Project In Planning In Yonkers



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