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About 1000 Boylston (MassDOT Air Rights Parcel 15)

1000 Boylston Street, Back Bay, Boston, MA

Approved 439,5000 square foot mixed-use development by Weiner Ventures and Prudential Financial at 1000 Boylston Street, however, Weiner announced in August 2019 they will not proceed with the project.

Plans for the project called for a single condominium tower containing up to approximately 108 condominium units, rising from a Podium base containing approximately 45,500 square feet of first and second-story retail and restaurant space fronting on Dalton, Boylston and St. Cecilia Streets, a two-story above-grade parking garage containing approximately 175 spaces, and an amenities floor. A green space and outdoor amenity area for the condominium unit owners will be located on the roof level of the Podium.

The overall Parcels 12 & 15 project would provide an improved connection between the Back Bay and Fenway neighborhoods and be the first successful air rights development above the Massachusetts Turnpike since Copley Place’s completion in the mid-1980s.

Locus map of Parcels 12 & 15:

Locus Map

Renderings of Parcel 15 (1000 Boylston Street):


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Latest Updates

Aug 19, 2019

Weiner Ventures Announces 1000 Boylston Will Not Move Forward


Mar 22, 2018

1000 Boylston Gets the Green Light From BPDA to Move Forward

This project might...


Oct 04, 2017

Proposed 1000 Boylston condominium tower height shrinks, apartment tower eliminated


Mar 13, 2017

New renderings revealed of proposed 1000 Boylston Street towers in Back Bay


Oct 26, 2016

Three buildings proposed above Mass Pike in Back Bay


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Philip Harris
Gee. Though the changes are not exactly in line with my original suppositions, I must say that my precognition with regards to at least the project NOT GOING forth as first first proposed was correct. Now let's see if the solitary shorter tower scheme still does not draw ire from the anti-heightite neighbors.

Philip Harris
Possible scenario NO. 1: due to height-hating Back Bay residents, this project like other high rise developments pitched years before this one, gets the boot altogether and never gets to see the light of day. Scenario NO. 2: The Back Bay residents reluctantly drop their demand to honor their Association's "ZONING" height limit of 120 Ft (NOT at all feasible for developer's ROI), and the developer (Weiner Ventures) will end up agreeing to restricting their two towers to around +/- 280 FT in height. Just my thoughts on it - I think that going forward here in Boston, any proposed building over 200-250 FT in height is going to get ever more and more scrutiny with all of this anti-shadow hysteria and talk of damage to historic structures. Rebuttals anyone? Concurrence with my theory?
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