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About Parcel M (3 Dolphin Way)

Seaport District, Boston, MA

Proposed 79,000-square-foot modern, multi-tenant facility for seafood processing, storage, and refrigeration on the South Boston Waterfront. The facility would comprise a two-story, light industrial building with approximately 56,000 gross square feet of industrial space on the first floor and an office mezzanine area on the second floor of approximately 23,000 gross square feet.

The proposed building would be a replacement for the New Boston Food Market’s existing facility at Widett Circle in South Boston, which is being marketed for sale to developers. The new building would be constructed to include operational areas flexibly arrangeable to accommodate tenants of various sizes, and would also support shipping and loading areas. The development would be built on the currently vacant Parcel M of the Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park, transforming the parcel into a modern seafood processing facility for the next generation of maritime businesses.

Square Feet 79,000


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Nov 11, 2017

Widett Circle seafood vendors propose new South Boston Waterfront facility


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