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About Poplar Point at Anacostia Metro

Howard Rd SE, Washington, DC 20020

The Poplar Point Site is located in Anacostia Park in S.E. Washington, D.C., along the east side of the Anacostia River, between the South Capitol Street Bridge, 11th Street Bridges, Anacostia Freeway (Interstate 295), and the Anacostia River. The Site is approximately 130 acres, mostly under National Park Service (NPS) jurisdiction. The redevelopment of the Site will include at least 70 acres of parkland (including wetlands, landscaped areas, pedestrian walkways, bicycle trails, seating, open-sided shelters, natural areas, recreational use areas and memorial sites). The remainder of the Site will be available for a mixed-use commercial development to be planned and implemented by the District. Environmental remediation could take one-two years before construction starts, with the final plan taking 10 - 15 years for completion.



Construction Cost $60,000,000.00
Square Feet 1,600,000



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