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About Readville Campus

40 Sprague Street, Readville, Hyde Park, Boston, MA

Updated plans to construct approximately 386,185 gross square foot, including a total of 247 housing units and parking for 251 vehicles located at 36-40 Sprague Street in Hyde Park. The project consists of two buildings: the Sprague Building and the Courtyard Buildings. All buildings are 5-story structures resting upon a one-story podium containing resident parking, bicycle storage, and building services.

Due to the native topography, the podium is well below the elevation of Sprague Street, which rises over the railroad grade adjacent to the project; as a result, the Sprague Building at the project’s primary pedestrian entrance appears as a 3-story building at the entry-level. The buildings surround and create an extensively landscaped courtyard atop the podium. The courtyard provides access between amenities, orients building entrances and promotes community among residents. The courtyard features resident gathering spaces with outdoor recreation space, seating areas, BBQ grills and a variety of landscape and hardscape, as well as private patios. Pedestrian access from the courtyard up to Sprague Street is via a ‘grand staircase’ oriented toward the Readville commuter rail station to the north. A focal point of the courtyard is a two-story pavilion intended to house and promote work-share activities for the residents.

Fronting the pavilion is a ‘Town Square’ plaza space with amenity spaces surrounding it including a large fitness facility, coffee shop, sports lounge, daycare, and the work-share space. All buildings have direct courtyard entries, in addition to the Sprague Building’s entries to the outside neighborhood. The vehicular entrance and drop-off are, as well as deliveries to the site, are below the podium and are accessed from Horne Street to the south. The Sprague Building, located along Sprague Street, contains 100 apartments with amenities that include fitness and gym space; a half-court for basketball, exercise studios and the project leasing office.

Direct access from the vehicle drop off area up to the courtyard is provided through a staircase located beneath the Sprague Building. The Courtyard Buildings, located along the rail yards to the east, contain 147 apartments and amenities that include the coffee shop, sports bar, and daycare facilities. The once- independent buildings are now linked into a single structure by a “connector” allowing for the sharing of services and amenities. The link is recessed on both the west and east facades to allow the buildings to retain their independent identities when viewed from either direction while providing an acoustic buffer from the active railway. A landscaped area, containing a dog run and fire lane, is located between the Courtyard Buildings and the rail lines. Buildings are clad in the masonry veneer, fiber cement panels, and metal panels. The buildings are designed with rooftop solar panels to power the common spaces of the project. The unit mix consists of approximately 44 studios and urban flats (small studios); 107 1-bedrooms, 88 2-bedrooms, and 8 3-bedrooms.

Original plans had called for a 575K project with 4 buildings and 521 residential units. 


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Sep 13, 2019

247 Unit Project Approved in Hyde Park


Jun 12, 2017

521 middle-income apartments envisioned on multi-acre Hyde Park site near commuter rail


Nov 15, 2016

Transformative transit-oriented development proposed in Readville


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