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Wellington at 1301

297-1305 Blue Hill Avenue, MattapanBoston, MA

Proposed is a new 6-story, mixed-use (residential and commercial) building on a 16,476 square foot site on the corner of Blue Hill Avenue and Wellington Hill Avenue. The site is currently used as a parking lot.

The proposed 49,745 square foot building is comprised of a 1st Floor residential lobby, 3-commercial units, building occupant parking (for both cars and bicycles), a loading bay and support space for building utilities. The second-sixth floors will feature 44-Dwelling units.

There is small penthouse to accommodate the elevator override and a stair head houses to provide roof access. There will also be common roof decks which will provide outdoor space for building residents at the second and fifth floors.

The pedestal base type building will be constructed with a concrete foundation and steel framed first-floor of Type-1A construction. The second floor through the roof will be constructed with load-bearing, Type-3B wood framed interior and exterior walls, with an engineered wood-framed floor and roof for the majority of the residences. A concrete slab on metal deck on the second floor will create a 3-hour rated horizontal fire separation between the two construction types. The majority of exterior walls will be clad with cement fiber siding. A portion of the first-floor exterior wall will have masonry veneer. The building will have an elevator.

Square Feet 49,745



Stories 6
Height (feet) 61
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Wellington at 1301 mattpan boston ma

Apr 15, 2019

Proposed is a new 6-story, mixed-use (residential and commercial) building on a 16,476 square foot...


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