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5 Ways Smart Building Technology is Changing the Tenant Experience 11/02/20

Hemenway Smart Technology

Contemporary technology is creating superior commercial buildings. The Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Technology, and enhanced connectivity are all taking developments to a new bracket of performance. As a result of these incredible feats, buildings that incorporate the newest technologies are improving the tenant experience on all fronts.

The Smart Building Revolution

Now that Smart technology integrations have become nearly ubiquitous, the market for Smart adoptions within commercial properties is greater than ever — and it’s only predicted to grow. With the current global focus on innovative solutions to address pandemics, Smart Technologies are here to provide solutions.

The onslaught of new technologies used within buildings is reimagining the way that developers, tenants, and property operators interact with a physical property. Thanks to Smart Buildings, properties have improved safety, security, efficiency, sustainability, and profitability. It’s no surprise that technology stands strong as the most-coveted of commercial real estate amenities.

Improvements to the Tenant Experience 

Smart buildings tangibly save both money and energy while offering noteworthy upgrades to the overall tenant experience. Here are five examples of how smart tech adoptions are creating better buildings: 

#1. Smart Maintenance

Preventative maintenance becomes the norm when the building is powered with a seamless network of Smart sensors. Problems can be solved before they even occur. This approach notably reduces the expenses and headaches associated with reactive maintenance — saving your tenants from the inconvenience of having to deal with out-of-operation systems. Once reserved for high-tech spaces, companies such as Johnson Controls and Automated Logic Controls are now installing information contact points for the flow of information from the building infrastructure to the property manager.

#2. Eco-Friendly Operations 

Energy management takes on a new level of efficiency when intuitive technology is incorporated into a building’s protocols. Smart technology prevents a building from consuming more than it needs, as sensors and monitors are able to automatically turn on or off HVAC systems, lights, water, and other building devices. Not only does this help the planet, but it also saves tenants money on monthly utility bills. This combined with code plus insulation ratings and weather-tight building envelopes provides for new levels of efficiency. 

#3. Bolstered Security 

Smart buildings keep tenants and their belongings safer than traditional security models. Smart security systems are able to detect the openings of doors and windows while tracking who enters the property. If something is amiss, building operators and managers can be alerted immediately to promptly handle the breach. 

#4. Remote Access

Who doesn’t love remote-controlled accessibility? Smart buildings give tenants the power to monitor and adjust the building’s connected systems with the touch of a button. Mobile access to property controls, such as lighting, temperature, security cameras, locks, and more all provide an easy and convenient way for tenants to interact with the building. Hemenway Construction has been working with Butterfly MX, AiPhone, Door King, and other entry access systems integration.

#5. Offering COVID-Minded Solutions 

Smart Technology is playing a pivotal role in creating safe and healthy buildings in the age of the coronavirus.

Smart building integrations are providing innovative solutions to the new concerns that were introduced by the pandemic. As we move forward with market reopening and the pandemic recovery period, Smart Technology will be responsible for automatically screening the health and movement of building occupants. 

Contact-free access, maintaining social distancing protocols, contact tracing, and remote health screening will all be applications of Smart technology within the commercial scene. Hemenway Construction has been integrating HEPA filtering solutions from IQ-Air, touchless entry and automatic door openers, and other new and innovative solutions on current and future projects.

How Smart is Your Building? 

As we move forward, Smart integrations will be actively reshaping the way we occupy and operate buildings. Contact Hemenway to learn more about upgrades to smart tech that we are using to see if it would be a good fit in your building.

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