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BLDUP Spotlight: John Klein



BLDUP Spotlight is a weekly feature where readers get insights from local industry experts and learn about what is happening in the City of Boston. This week we sat down with John Klein, the founder of John Klein Design and a Research Scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. John worked for Zaha Hadid Architects for five years as a Senior Architect leading teams to design and deliver over 10 million square feet of large-scale buildings and skyscrapers. After ZHA, John joined the MIT Media Lab to direct cross-disciplinary teams to develop a first of its kind optically transparent glass printing process called G3DP. Alongside practicing architecture, John teaches courses on architectural design and technology, innovative housing and industrialized wood-based construction at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA).



Your group recently won the US Wood Innovation Grant, congrats! What do you feel set your designs/innovations apart from the group and how will you use the grant to advance your work?


John Klein: The wood innovation grant is a great opportunity to for us to demonstrate to the Greater Boston Area that mass timber technologies have the ability to deliver a cost-effective solution for the cities housing and carbon reduction goals. We have assembled an incredible team from MIT and across the industry to start developing sustainable cost-effective housing design concepts. We are structured as an integrated design team, where all disciplines (architects, engineers, contractors, and developers) are working together from the very early project stages to demonstrate the strong potential these technologies offer for Boston, but additionally, the rest of the Northeast.