BLDUP Spotlight: Understanding & Deploying Solutions in the IoT, Solar & EV Charging Markets 05/11/23


GreenMarbles, the leading nationwide sustainable solutions provider, empowers individuals and communities with innovative products and services across the rapidly expanding Smart Property, Internet of Things (IoT), Solar, and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging markets. By comprehending the unique needs of our clients and customers, we deliver best-in-class solutions designed for single-family, multi-family, and commercial properties, all supported by licensed on-site and remote implementation and assistance. Our commitment is to drive sustainability and intelligent living, fostering a more comfortable world for future generations.

BLDUP: With so many connected products available to the market and the ever-expanding Internet of Things (IoT) how does Greenmarbles find solutions?

Greenmarbles: The ever-expanding smart property/IoT landscape has a vast array of products, many of which are useless, unfortunately. To find the best solutions, we combine our understanding of our clients and customers' unique needs with extensive market research and product testing. We always look to how it can be seamlessly incorporated into a larger ecosystem. This applies not only to our approach in the IoT space but to EV Charging, Solar, and other sustainable technologies.

Our approach involves collaborating with other companies in these ecosystems, including hardware manufacturers, product/software developers, and solutions providers. By working together, we leverage expertise and resources to create comprehensive, effective, and innovative solutions that address specific customer needs.

Ultimately, our goal is to be flexible, agile, and responsive to the changing needs and demands of customers and the broader market.

BLDUP: In a young and evolving space such as IoT, how is Greenmarbles bringing solutions to your customers to future-proof their assets?

Greenmarbles: Our approach involves designing scalable and adaptable solutions that can easily accommodate changing requirements and integrate seamlessly with emerging technologies. 

The key is to remain flexible and proactive. By constantly monitoring industry trends and developments, we can respond quickly to new challenges and opportunities, ensuring everyone stays ahead of the curve.

BLDUP: Beyond just sustainable and integrated product offerings Greenmarble’s is able to proactive, smart, and safe homes talk a bit about how and what you bring to the home automation space…

Greenmarbles: Our solutions encompass everything from lighting and temperature control to security systems and intelligent appliances. The goal is to provide integrated and interoperable systems that enable homeowners to control and monitor various aspects of their homes from a single interface, ensuring a seamless and customer-friendly experience.

We also leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to provide predictive and proactive home automation solutions. For example, sensors and algorithms can learn a homeowner's habits and preferences, automatically providing recommendations for adjusting settings to optimize energy usage and comfort.

The focus in the home automation space is on safety and security. Products like smart locks, video surveillance, and motion sensors give homeowners greater peace of mind and protection against potential threats.

Overall, the goal in this space is to create intuitive, seamless, and easy-to-use solutions while delivering tangible benefits in terms of energy efficiency, convenience, and peace of mind.

BLDUP: Beyond a home's interior suite of IoT, talk about Greenmarbles solutions for maximizing the sustainability aspects of single-family homes exterior green solutions with Solar and EV charging options.

Greenmarbles: We provide start-to-finish solar. Our robust platform connects the best and most reputable solar design experts, solar installation firms, and solar financing options nationwide, giving customers a seamless, hassle-free way to add solar to their homes.  This applies both to new builds and retrofits alike.

We offer electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for homeowners and commercial properties looking to support electric and hybrid cars. From start to finish, our vast experience removes every barrier to deploying Level 2 and Level 3 (DC Fast Charging) solutions.

BLDUP: Multi-family properties and portfolios face unique challenges in the deployment of connected and efficiency solutions due to the transient nature of tenant roll, how does Greenmarbles solve for the rental asset class?

Greenmarbles: One approach we use is to focus on portable and easy-to-install solutions so that they can be easily moved and adapted to different units and properties as tenants come and go. This can involve using wireless technologies and modular systems that can be quickly and easily installed without requiring significant modifications to existing infrastructure. 

Another strategy is to work closely with property managers and landlords to develop customized solutions that meet the specific needs and requirements of each property and tenant population. This involves conducting detailed energy audits  to identify areas of potential savings and developing tailored solutions that consider factors such as occupancy rates and usage patterns. 

To top it off, we invest in ongoing education and engagement initiatives to encourage tenants to adopt energy-efficient behaviors and make the most of available technologies. This can involve providing educational materials, training sessions, ongoing nurturing, and incentives to encourage tenants to participate in energy-saving programs. 

The key to success in the multi-family asset class is to be flexible, innovative, and collaborative in finding solutions that work for property owners and tenants alike. By working closely with stakeholders and leveraging the latest technologies and best practices, GreenMarbles can create sustainable and energy-efficient multi-family properties that meet the needs of all stakeholders.


With a focus on innovation, customization, and collaboration, GreenMarbles is committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet each client and customer’s unique needs and requirements. From smart homes to solar and EV charging solutions, GreenMarbles offers a range of products and services to maximize energy efficiency, convenience, and sustainability for our clients and their customers alike. So, whether you are a homeowner looking to reduce your carbon footprint or a property manager seeking to improve operational efficiencies and the energy performance of your buildings, GreenMarbles will educate you on what's available, implement a solution that works best for you, and help you continue operating for years to come. 



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