Glass Partitions: Interior Architecture Trends in Boston's Developments

“The system ALL WAYS is suitable for separating and organizing the workplace. With the assembly of a single aluminum profile, which can be positioned horizontally or vertically, you can divide not only space into operational areas, meeting rooms, offices, but at the same time, a home living room.“


As the open-concept floor plan continues to pave the way for future design, the inexplicable question of, “what about privacy?” continues to soldier on. However, the solution to one of 2019’s greatest design challenges comes with one of 2019’s most cherished design solutions: glass partitions, or rather room-dividing systems.


Whether the tastes of your future development’s clients range from the transitional to the more traditional, or trend toward the ultra-contemporary, these modern wall units transform any space they deem to call home. Across the globe, developers clamor to the ease and minimalist qualities found in these ultra-chic design solutions. Their blank-slate appeal promises flexibility for future buyers, while still offering a unique sense of “je ne sais quoi” that will set your development above the rest.


The All Ways glass partition inside the newly converted Our Lady of Victories Church and rectory at the Marc 25-29 Isabella Street in Bay Village,

A collaboration amongst New Boston Ventures, Ricardo Rodriguez & Associates, Zephyr Architects, and Delphi Construction.


European design houses conceived the room-dividing systems we’ve grown accustomed to. But, in Boston, Divine Design Center continues to redefine its forthcoming applications. Partnering with modern interior door companies such as Albed, we bring to market a design solution for those looking to enjoy the benefits of a more "open" way of living. And, by doing such, we eliminate the unnecessary bulk of that thing we call the plastered wall.


Albed’s All Ways modular-wall unit touts Italian design in its, dare say, magical appeals -- embodying the practical form we revere in modern interior design, yet affecting intimacy and warmth ingrained in a country’s idol-ed tastes -- often imitated, never successfully replicated. The combination is almost indescribable, and so we leave in the shadow of mystique: intrigued, to say the least.

With 16 different glass options, two thicknesses, and a variety of frame options - the All Ways it the only design solution that All-Ways works.


The aesthetics characterized through the All Ways and its family tree of design solutions suggest not only practicality -- but re-invent a space, the partition becoming “the real main character of a space,” in itself. Sprouting up in some of Boston’s most premier, luxury residential developments, the All Ways embodies modern, clean lines irreplaceable to its competitors, or your local fabricator.


Furthermore, the aforementioned room-dividing systems celebrate customized solutions. Facilitating the imagination in one partition’s infinite divisions & variations according to the available spaces: mixing fixed panels with sliding and swing doors for all ceiling heights and strange adaptations.



The All Ways glass partition inside the newly converted Our Lady of Victories Church and rectory at 25-29 Isabella Street in Bay Village:
A collaboration amongst New Boston Ventures, Ricardo Properties, Zephyr Architects and Delphi Construction.


However, the bottom line (the most important line) is that Italian design, flexible design, and most importantly unique design comes at an affordable scale. The All Ways, along with Albed’s variations on the room-dividing solution & modular wall unit, offer a unique aluminum frame. This same frame’s vertical and horizontal fittings make its installation effortless: cutting down on final installation costs at the tail-end of a project. The stress and hassle of associated with the final stretch in a development’s completion are rendered null; and, at the finish line lies a well of excitement and enthusiasm in a buyer. This is the glass partition; this is the room-dividing system. This is modular wall units by Divine Design Center -- expertly fitted and innovatively suited to your next luxury development.


From ultra modern to timeless traditional, these room-dividing systems steal the show no matter the tone.


Marc 25-29 Isabella Street in Bay Village

New Boston Ventures

Ricardo Rodriguez & Associates

Zephyr Architects

Delphi Construction

Divine Design Center

To Find out more about glass partitions and room-dividing systems & how they might fit into your upcoming project visit Divine Design Center online, give us a call at (617) 443-0700, or stop by our showroom at 2 Battery Wharf, on the North End Waterfront.

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Mariette Barsoum and her company Divine Design Center have offered developers luxury, European cabinetry at cost-effective rates since 2004.

Subsequently, Divine Design Center, a woman, minority-owned business, has provided Boston’s multiplying developments with premium quality kitchens, wardrobes, and bathrooms suitable for expanding buyer’s demands that permeate the metropolitan area.

Apart from their 8,000 square foot modern + transitional European showroom which showcases the before mentioned, Divine is heralded for their:

•         Top quality product with global name recognition

•         Value engineering

•         Developer-only pricing through exclusive partnerships

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•         Detailed plans

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•         Timeliness

•         Strict adherence to budget

•         Reliable deliveries

•         High-end design services at no additional cost with

           Boston’s top design team

•         3D photorealistic rendering to pre-sell units

•         Financing to qualified developers

Increase the value of your units under development via Divine’s modern, European manufacturers. Garner the pre-sale of your project’s units well before completion with cabinetry that exudes seamless design and beautiful finishes. Our quality, cost-effective cabinets + Boston’s top design team emanate the best solution for your development’s needs.

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