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September 1st Tips for Property Owners 02/06/20

Yes, it’s August already and before we know it that dreaded Boston “holiday”, September 1st will be upon us.  Hopefully, you are planning on getting out of town for the long weekend but like most people involved in real estate, you may be stuck here with turnovers to manage. With 9/1 just a few weeks away, it’s not too late for some final preparations that can help kick things off on the right foot with your new residents. Here are a few insider tips compiled over many years of dealing with Boston’s September 1st rush.

Early inspections are key - These walkthroughs (which your management and maintenance team should be doing now) can serve a number of purposes. First, early identification of any major problems allowing for enough time for repairs or alternate accommodations if necessary. During these inspections, it’s also important to chat with residents to make sure they will be moving out on time or identify those units that may cause headaches. The more early information you have the better to facilitate scheduling and head off problems before they escalate.

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule - Schedule vendors, schedule elevators, schedule key pickups. While this process may seem like more work upfront and chances are high your plans will hit a snag at some point, having schedules in place will certainly help on a number of fronts. Also, while it may not always be possible to try and stagger your move in around the 1st, not all on that fateful day.

Watch your waste - The City of Boston is always out in full force ticketing overflowing dumpsters and trash left on curbs. Be ahead of this by having extra staff on hand for trash removal to avoid fines.

Pictures - Make sure you and your staff are snapping photos of outgoing tenant damages. This may seem obvious but in the rush to get units painted and cleaned, it often gets overlooked preventing property owners from charging tenant damages. Miss a few units and this oversight can be very costly.

Manage expectations & communication - Another key that will lead to quality long term relationships with residents, even if things don’t go 100% smoothly on September 1st frequent communication. It is imperative to be upfront with residents about what to expect on this busy day and keep them in the loop on any issues they might encounter and plans for solutions. 

Follow up & common area touch-ups - Many, if not all residents will have small issues that need to be handled after move in. A quick maintenance follow-up is a great way to demonstrate the high level of customer service clients can expect from your management company.  Chances are also good your common areas may have taken a beating so make sure to complete a follow-up inspection and tackle any eyesores before repeated tenant complaints leave new residents wondering about the management’s commitment to the property.

In closing and most importantly, for everyone’s sake remind your residents not to drive their U-Haul on Storrow Drive!

For more property management expertise contact GB Property Management at (617) 777-6109 or visit their website https://www.gbpropertymanagementboston.com/.

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GB Property Management is a full-service property management company with over 17 years of experience in the property management field.  Their diverse portfolio includes condos, multi and single-family homes, apartment buildings and commercial properties. GB Property Management has developed a client base by caring for both the landlord and resident and treating them with integrity & respect. Their number one goal is to protect the owner's real estate investment while maximizing its potential.

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