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Starry delivers better internet from its HQ in Downtown Crossing 02/06/20

Founded by Chet Kanojia and an elite team of engineers in 2014, Starry is a four-year-old tech startup headquartered in Boston. Since its public launch in January 2016, Starry has been working to build a better internet service and connect billions of people worldwide to high-speed internet: one of the most important economic resources of the 21st century. To date, Starry has raised 163 million from a premier group of investors including: FirstMark Capital, Tiger Global, IAC, KKR, HLVP, and Quantum Strategic Partners.

When choosing a location for their HQ in Boston, Starry considered a number of neighborhoods in the city: Downtown Crossing, Kendall Square, South Station and Financial District. Although Kendall Square is a traditional hub for startups, Starry chose Downtown Crossing. The central location gave them superior access to public transportation, easy connection to both North and South Stations and Logan Airport and better lunch options, including a variety of food trucks and other notable Boston restaurants.

Starry’s headquarters at 38 Chauncy Street in bustling Downtown Crossing is also part of a vibrant office community called “The Hive,” where five office buildings converge around shared spaces to create a dynamic, sociable environment. “The Hive” features a variety of amenities for Starry employees to take advantage of, including two common meeting rooms, a kitchen with ample seating, a gym, bike storage and retail shops.

The 38 Chauncy headquarters is the home to the majority of the Starry team: administrative employees (HR, Recruiting, Finance, Legal), sales, field marketing, deployment and engineering. In Spring 2016, Starry expanded from the second floor into the fourth floor of 38 Chauncy, but quickly outgrew the space. To support the growing team, Starry leased - and renovated - the fifth floor of 38 Chauncy, which employees moved into at the end of June.

Starry’s proximity to Boston’s universities helps them attract higher quality candidates as they bring innovation to the slow-moving ISP industry. Starry provides high-speed internet for multifamily buildings, using millimeter wave technology to deliver lightning fast internet through the air. Their advanced internet service is also impacting buildings throughout the Boston area. Reliable high-speed internet increases rental values by 8%, which can add 11% to net income for multifamily owners and operators per average apartment unit. With Starry’s service, building owners and managers get hassle-free setup with no capital costs and residents get a faster, better way to get online. Starry Internet is an added amenity to upgrade your building and promote resident satisfaction and retention.

Starry also has a secondary HQ in New York, where their product design, public affairs, brand and marketing teams are based. This year, Starry has further expanded to DC and LA, where they have temporary co-working spaces as they search for permanent offices for their teams. Each city’s team is growing rapidly to support operations with sales, field marketing, and deployment teams.


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Starry is a radical, new internet service – made for the future and beamed wirelessly through the air. By using advanced millimeter wave technology they’re able to leapfrog outdated internet infrastructure and deliver brilliantly fast, gigabit-capable internet, at a fraction of the cost. For building owners and managers, this means hassle-free setup at zero cost to the property. For residents, it’s simply a faster, better way to get online. That’s what they call Happy Interneting. And it’s live in Boston.


Give your residents internet they’ll brag about. Contact Starry today.

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