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90 Antwerp Street

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About 90 Antwerp Street

BrightonBoston, MA

The project is a mixed-income residential development with carefully designed and publicly accessible open space. It consists of 20 residential units totaling approximately 28,500 square-feet with 20 covered parking spaces for homeowners, 2 visitors parking, bicycle storage, community amenity space, and other support spaces. 12 units will be deed-restricted affordable units for households earning between 70% and 120% of Area Median Income, with four units at 80%AMI, four at 100%AMI, and four at 120%AMI. We will work with BPDA to find ways and means to deepen the affordability of the units currently slated for 120% AMI.

The project’s contextually sensitive design is integrated into the streetscape by blending the new and the old. Building heights range from 4 to 2 stories to facilitate the transition from contemporary Charlesview Apartment complex to traditional gabled-roof homes in the neighborhood. Elements of texture, color, roof shape, window proportions, angular bays, balconies, and entries are carefully and sensitively crafted to offer a more contemporary interpretation of a 21st-century residential building that is both innovative and contextually sensitive to the existing conditions.

At the same time, the proposal will allocate approximately 50% of the lot for usable open space. The open space will consist of two components – a publicly accessible Pocket Park and a “Living Street” inspired by the Dutch concept of “Woonerf” that combines parking, landscaping area, pedestrian paths, and other passive residential uses. 90 Antwerp Street is also designed to be energy efficient and the project is proposed to achieve LEED for Homes Gold “Certifiable” status.

90 Antwerp Street Overview

BLDUP Value Estimate : $291,500.00
Address: 90 Antwerp Street
Acquisition Cost:
Date Acquired:
Permitted Construction:
Land Value:
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