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100 Cambridgeside Place

status unknown

About Cambridgeside Redevelopment

100 Cambridgeside Place, Cambridge, MA

Proposed redevelopment of the CambridgeSide mall to add 575,000 square feet of office, lab, and residential space in buildings between 85 and 155 feet high. Three mid-rise buildings and one tower would replace the Best Buy, Sears, and Macy’s locations and the mall’s First Street garage with four buildings that mix office, lab, and residential use along with ground-floor retail. The mall’s main atrium, food court, and the shops and planned third-floor offices that line it would remain intact under the proposal. The residential portion would feature around 200 units, with 65% designated affordable.

The project would be completed in stages with the Macy's, Sears, and Canal Park in Phase 1 from 2020-2023 followed by the upper garage & best buy redevelopment between 2023-2027.

100 Cambridgeside Place Overview

BLDUP Value Estimate : $148,500,000.00
Address: 100 Cambridgeside Place
Acquisition Cost:
Date Acquired:
Permitted Construction:
Loan Amount:

Organizations Working On 100 Cambridgeside Place

Construction Engineering:
General Contractors:
Pest Control:
Waste Disposal:
Building Envelope: