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247 Driftway

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About SkySail at Driftway

247 Driftway, Scituate, MA 02066

The Residences at Driftway Place is a 109,842 SF luxury mixed-use development located at 247 Driftway in Scituate, Massachusetts.

The project contains 78 rental apartments, 160 parking spaces (exclusive of MBTA parking) and approximately  8,914 square feet of retail and commercial space. Adjacent to the terminus of the MBTA Greenbush Commuter Rail line, The Residences at Driftway Place will be a smart growth, transit-oriented and LEED Silver certifiable project. 

Located minutes from the bustling and picturesque Scituate Harbor, the site offers access to plentiful amenities in-town and convenient access to downtown Boston. 

247 Driftway Overview

Address: 247 Driftway
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