Crest City Capital Update 01/18/24

Crest City Capital Launches Real Estate Development Mentorship Program

Crest City Capital, a boutique private equity and real estate development firm, has launched its exclusive mentorship program. Crest City Capital Founder Brad Cangiamila formally launched Crest City Capital after a decade of pursuing real estate as a passion project. Brad’s mentors, from his father to his first manager, have had a huge impact on his building of what is now Crest City Capital. Since its inception in the Summer of 2016, the firm has completed 100s of transactions with a 99% close rate, yielding over $360MM  in real estate transactions.

The mentorship program will kick off in March with 12 weeks of classes focused on all aspects of real estate development.  “We’ve spent the past few years designing this program with intention – our goal is to provide participants with the knowledge and nuts and bolts hands-on experience needed to pursue their own projects without taking on all the risk that can come with real estate development,” said Brad Cangiamila, Founder of Crest City Capital. “The program is unique in that it is designed in a way that we will act as a consultant to each participant as they pursue their own deals and gain real, applicable experience.” Brad Cangiamila, Principal Crest City Capital.

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