About Us

BLDUP is the ONLY daily utility for the construction, design, and real estate development industry, providing a single source of data on projects, through the entire real estate life cycle. Utilizing market intelligence and analytics, we are connecting businesses to businesses for new deal opportunities.

Because of our unique position within the market, consumers are also finding BLDUP and learning about new construction projects earlier, allowing developers to reach consumers directly.

From land acquisition through construction completion and sell-out BLDUP is bringing transparency to the AEC industry.

Today the BLDUP team operates on three key principles...


At BLDUP we are about working smarter not harder. We believe a small team armed with the best tools can beat an army. It is not about how many hours you work but what work you accomplish during this time.


We report first, respond to clients in a timely manner, and make decisions in a deliberate and calculated way. All of our team members need to be able to think on their feet and be confident in their own decision-making abilities.


As a young tech company, we value our employees and want to ensure they know their importance to our success. A sense of humor is a must and our management strives to ensure BLDUP is a top place to work while continuing to make ourselves better daily.