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1508 Coney Island Avenue Update 05/06/22

Developer Obtains $92M Loan for Midwood Commercial Project

Developer, , has just received a $92 million loan for a 10-story commercial project at 1508 Coney Island Avenue in Midwood, Brooklyn. With construction already underway and around 35% complete, this influx of capital, issued by Parkview Financial, will see the build to the finish.

Set to become the largest commercial mixed-use building in all of Midwood, the Class-A structure will offer  square feet of office and community facility space. This will occupy floors 2 through 10.

In addition, the structure will boast square feet of retail space, spanning the cellar level, the entire first floor, and parts of floors 2 and 3. Plans also call for an enclosed (and automated) parking garage with enough room for 267 vehicles.

Designed by , the building will stand feet tall and total square feet. Construction is expected to finish by October of 2023.

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