Cambridge Crossing Parcel R Update 05/30/24

DivcoWest Looks to Adjust Parking Requirements to Advance 151 Morgan @ Cambridge Crossing

DivcoWest is looking to adjust the parking count planned for Cambridge Crossing Block R, 151 Morgan Street. After recently completing Park 151, a primarily residential building including 234 parking spaces, and lease-up has occurred and operations have stabilized, the parking has gone substantially undersubscribed and the garage is underutilized. The developer is now seeking to reduce the minimum parking requirement for Park 151 and 151 Morgan only, to allow DivcoWest to take advantage of this underutilization. 

In May 2022, DivcoWest received Design Review Approval for the planned mixed-use building at 151 Morgan Avenue, which will contain 120 residential units and 18,324 square feet of first floor retail space. As designed, 151 Morgan included a single level of below-grade parking containing 60 parking spaces. Given the number of vacant spaces at Park 151, DivcoWest would like to utilize the excess parking at Park 151 to provide accessory parking for 151 Morgan. In doing so, DivcoWest would like to establish an accessory minimum parking ratio for each of Park 151 and 151 Morgan of 0.30 parking spaces/unit. This parking ratio would allow the required minimum number of parking spaces for Park 151 (141 residential spaces) and 151 Morgan (36 spaces) for a total of 177 spaces to be accommodated within the 234 existing parking spaces constructed at Park 151, with fifty-seven (57) spaces remaining to be allocated to either building.

Although Design Approval was granted, completion of the design was suspended as the project was put on hold during the recent economic downturn. DivcoWest intends to restart and complete the design process once the Board decides whether or not on-site parking is required. Once that issue has been resolved, the developer plans on revising the design and returning to the Planning Board to seek Revised Design Review approval. 

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