Gilbane Update 04/29/24

Gilbane Building Company announces Mid-Atlantic graduates of the Gilbane Rising Contractor Program

Gilbane is proud to announce the Mid-Atlantic Spring 2024 Gilbane Rising Contractor Program graduates. This year’s class includes 23 firms from across the Mid-Atlantic that offer services ranging from utilities and excavation to electrical plumbing, and HVAC. To participate, each firm is required to apply for the program, where they are evaluated on requirements similar to Gilbane’s prequalification process. From there, they participate in a 12-week program led by Gilbane subject matter experts on topics like safety, sustainability, and risk management. Upon completing the program, participants enter a one-year formal mentorship agreement with a senior-level Gilbane representative. During this process, participants prequalify with Gilbane in preparation for bid opportunities.

Gilbane partners with clients to ensure the program’s success. This year, Altha Weaver, Maryland Stadium Authority’s Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, joined the Gilbane Rising Contractor Program for a session on setting your company up for success. “The curriculum was amazing and well put together,” said Weaver. “It is set up for a win.”

“As a performing business owner, our time is very precious and can’t be wasted,” said Calvin Mims, President of Calmi Electrical Company and 2024 graduate of the Gilbane Rising Contractor Program. “I have attended many such events over the years, and none can compare to the Rising Contractors Program. It appears that Gilbane put a lot of thought into preparing this program and what the Rising Contractors need to succeed. The program was informative and insightful. The presenters were very knowledgeable in the materials they presented.”

“Gilbane’s holistic approach to the assessment and long-term guidance truly sets Gilbane apart,” said Randy Washington, president and CEO at LSN Contractors. “By identifying strengths, stabilizing weaknesses, and offering sustained support, Gilbane’s not just making promises but actively fostering sustainable growth. Thank you for putting actions behind your words and being the example that the industry desperately needs. I appreciate the opportunity for LSN to participate in such a great program!”

“As part of Gilbane’s continuous commitment to safety, we also offered this year’s participants 30-hour OSHA training free of charge,” said Ted Holt, Mid-Atlantic division leader at Gilbane Building Company. “This will set our Rising Contractor graduates up for even greater success during Gilbane’s prequalification process.”


Since the program began in 2020, Gilbane has awarded 23 Rising Contractors contracts on projects throughout their Mid-Atlantic offices. For example, after completing the program in 2023, DL Metals submitted a bid and was awarded a $4,281,481 contract on the William H. Gray III 30th Street Station Redevelopment project. In Washington, DC, Agile Office submitted a bid and was awarded a $950,000 contract on the D.C. Public Schools Lorraine H. Whitlock Elementary School project in 2023, after graduating from the program in 2022.

For clients interested in partnering with Gilbane on the Rising Contractor program, contact us to learn more.

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