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About 100 Pier 4

110 Northern Avenue, Seaport District, Boston, MA

Recently-completed 100 Pier 4 is the first phase of the redevelopment of Pier 4 in Boston's Seaport District. The second and third phases are currently under construction. 100 Pier 4 consists of 369 luxurious apartments with 258 underground parking spaces.

Resident amenities include a pool, a 24-hour fitness center and a private television screening room. Breathtaking views of the Boston skyline and Boston Harbor are visible throughout the building. At 100 Pier 4's ground floor is acclaimed steak and seafood restaurant Ocean Prime.


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12/04/19 Permit ELV1027549 Search $45,000.00 ITK
12/04/19 Permit ELV1025899 Search $115,000.00 ITK
10/31/19 Permit PL1018184 Search $28,000.00 ITK ITK
10/02/19 Permit EFA1007371 Search $50,000.00 ITK ITK
10/02/19 Permit E1007368 Search $1,250,000.00 ITK ITK
09/24/19 Permit ALT997973 Search $4,500,000.00 ITK ITK
09/04/19 Permit SF997972 Search $50,000.00 ITK ITK
02/21/20 Permit COO1054936 Search $4,500,000.00 ITK ITK
02/13/20 Permit E1044033 Search $1,500.00 ITK ITK
02/10/20 Permit ELV1049942 Search $52,530.00 ITK ITK
01/16/20 Permit PL1042435 Search $12,000.00 ITK ITK
01/14/20 Permit EFA1041738 Search $65,000.00 ITK ITK
01/14/20 Permit E1041736 Search $1,340,000.00 ITK ITK
01/09/20 Permit ELV1039251 Search $190,000.00 ITK ITK

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