Project Progress: Under Official Review

Architects EMBARC
Developers MG2 Group

About 2 Ford Street

East BostonBoston, MA

The project calls for the development of a 9,409 square-foot site by the construction of a new four-story, mixed-use multifamily residential/retail building, containing 27 residential units, 1,630 square feet of ground-floor retail, and 25 accessory off-street parking spaces located in the buildings at grade garage. The garage will be entered and exited via Boardman Street, which has direct access to McLellan Highway and Saratoga Street. 

The Proposed Project would create a mixed-use residential/retail development combining market- rate and affordable housing opportunities in an aesthetic appropriate in scale, massing, and design to the Orient Heights Neighborhood of East Boston. Further, located within 900 feet of public transportation with access to the MBTA’s Orient Heights Blue Line Rapid Transit station, the Proposed Project will provide an additional unique high-density housing opportunity for the area with access to public transportation.

In planning the building, great care was given to respecting the abutting properties, which share boundaries with the Site as well as modifications made during the community outreach process with direct Abutters and the Orient Heights Neighborhood Council. As a result, the proposed building has been designed and scaled to complement other current and future potential developments in the area and the surrounding streets including Saratoga and Boardman Streets, and the proximity to public transportation.

Square Feet 28,050



Stories 4
Height (feet) 48
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Mar 28, 2019

Boston-based, MG2 Group has acquired the property at 2 Ford Street in East Boston for...


Feb 06, 2019

The proposed project at 2 Ford Street in East Boston is under official review.


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Kate Caddell
Per BPDA: The building’s massing is derived from an assessment of it’s site context and urban conditions. A mix of hardi board, metal panels and other design elements which are consistent with the design standards set forth by the BPDA will provide a strong identity along Orient Heights Square, and serve to have the building become a focal point.
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