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5016 West Cypress Overview

Address : 5016 West Cypress Street
City : Tampa
State : FL
Zip : 33607
Construction Status : *********************
Last Update : 07/09/24

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Owner: *****
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Azhar Jameeli
IRA Capital
Title: Managing Director, Investments
Phone: 949-258-7400
Office: Irvine, CA
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Basic Details

Stories : *

PRO Data

Sqft of Building : ******
Owner : ***********
LLC Owner Phone : ************
LLC Owner Email : ************************
Acquisition Purchase Price : **************
Date Acquired : ********
FAR : ****
Price/SQFT of Acquisition Building : *******
Price/SQFT of Acquisition Land : *******
Sqft of Land : *******
Sqft of Office : ******
Previous Owner : ********************
Previous Date Acquired : ********
Previous Purchase Price : **************

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Jul 09, 2024

Tampa Medical Office Acquired for $29.2 Million


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